Creative Workout Methods to Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes

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  • Following up on some good suggestions from readers last week, I have started trying to schedule gym time like any other event. I also moved our stationary bicycle from its exile in the guest room to a place of honor in the family room by the TV and stereo system. The results so far have been better with the bicycle than with the gym. I did hit the gym Saturday morning, and much to my surprise, the card reader at the entrance recognized me and no one keeled over in shock. I got reacquainted with the treadmill and bench press machine for an hour and left feeling tired and a little virtuous. All the extra walking I had been doing seems to have paid off, because I had been expecting to be able to do a lot less on the first visit. Unfortunately, the week so far has not provided easy room to schedule follow up visits. The bicycle is always there now, so it isn't too difficult to convince myself to get on it and pedal awhile with a quick sprint during the commercial breaks.

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    So what do you do when life gets a little crazy? Take today for example. Younger son's car is broken down and my wife was heading in the wrong direction, so off I went at 7:30 am, twenty miles north to get him to school. Then fifteen miles back to the office, pick up some files, then one mile north to the hospital for a fasting blood draw for Friday's doctor's appointment. The hospital had rearranged the lab so the anticipated ten minutes in and out turned into an hour. The blood draw was followed by a mad dash to a neighboring county for a two hour trial followed by a late lunch, return to the office, phone conferences, document deliveries and a drive home around 5:00 pm. If I had walked or bicycled this, it would be impressive. As it is, the only upside is that I kept to a light lunch in spite of missing breakfast, so no big blood sugar spikes today. I will try and make up for the lost gym time again with a few rounds on the stationary bike tonight.


    In spite of the erratic schedules these last few days, I have stayed consistent with my diet. My weight this morning was down to 186, two pounds off of last week at this time. What will be of greater interest will be my A1c numbers when Doctor J gives me a progress report on Friday. My morning and bedtime numbers have been pretty good, but I have started spot checking my blood sugar an hour and a half to two hours after meals and have not been entirely pleased with the results. By the way, do any of our experts out there know why the American Diabetes Association has a post-meal target number of less than 180 while the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists wants you under 140? Let's just say that the ADA is happier with me than the AACE.


    Since I am spending most of my dedicated exercise time on the stationary bicycle I have been looking around for a program to get the most out of it. David Mendosa at this site has quick intro to the value of interval training. The project for this coming week will be to put together an interval program for the stationary bike and to get back to the gym! I will give you a progress report as well as the numbers from Friday's appointment next time.


Published On: January 28, 2010