Weight Loss Apps to Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes

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  • This week's column comes from the family farm where we are snowed in yet again. I did make it in to the gym on Sunday, but only to grab a hot shower before heading back home with supplies to get through the last day of a three day power outage. Nonetheless, I got plenty of exercise. Dragging a sled with thirty pounds of groceries and bottled water uphill a fifth of a mile from the road to the house through knee deep snow may sound like one of those stories you bore your grand-kids with, but it also makes a pretty good workout. For that matter, just walking through two and a half feet of snow is a good resistance workout, to say nothing of what all that shoveling does. The result? Morning blood sugars in the 80's instead of 100 to 105 and a weigh in this morning of 181. I can't say that I want to see any more snow after today regardless of the health benefits. Besides, low carb cooking on a camp-stove was a real challenge.

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    When things get back to normal in the next few days, the plan is to get back to the gym for real and to keep up with interval training on the exercise bicycle. Being as fond of tech toys as the next guy, I have been looking at apps for my Droid phone to help out with the program. (As a side note, if you absolutely must have a chronic illness, diabetes is not a bad one for a guy to have. After all, the approved treatment is simply to live better, it's a great excuse to spend time on the internet, and you get gadgets.) I have found the following apps in the Android Marketplace and will be trying them out during the coming week. By the way, they are all free.


    CardioTrainer is a mobile fitness app that tracks your workout and fitness goals, including weight loss. It has a feature that lets you load your data online to retrieve from your p.c. It also uses the Droid's GPS feature to track your route when you run (or walk) outside.


    WorkItOut provides ready made menus to enter your exercises, track weights and repetitions and chart your progress.


    HIIT Interval training timer does exactly what it says, letting you set up cues to guide you through a high intensity workout.


    Two other apps that I will be test driving this week are not fitness related but may be of interest to diabetics.


    OnTrack is a comprehensive tracking tool for diabetics, letting you input glucose levels, exercise, food and medication and turn the data into charts.


    Calorie Counter provides nutritional information on popular foods, including restaurant menu lists. It also includes an exercise diary, a weight chart and a journal. It also includes a bar code scanner to upload nutritional information for some popular foods into your counter.


    I am not endorsing any of these, but they all look interesting and I will pass on my reviews next week. By the way, if you are an iPhone user, be sure to check out Jackie Smith's SharePost this week.


Published On: February 10, 2010