Excess Carbohydrates: Trying to go Vegan while on Low Carbohydrate Diet

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  • I can never remember whether it is starve a cold and feed a fever or feed a cold and starve a fever. Regardless, I have been down for the count for the last few days with the cold that just won't quit. The idea of a day or two in bed with a good book, some decongestants and a box of Kleenex does not sound half bad, considering the weather outside. Unfortunately, I have had to trudge off to work with periodic interruptions at home digging stuck cars out of snowbanks here on the farm. If you have been watching the Olympics, picture the moguls course and then imagine running it uphill in a Subaru. That's my driveway. Even more unfortunately, this week was my long-delayed diabetes education classes at the local hospital. Three hours per night, Monday through Wednesday, six until nine trying to stay alert and involved. Between illness and classes, all my best intentions for the week fell by the wayside. My weigh-in this morning was 181, the same as this time last week. This is the first week since November that I have not seen at least some weight loss. On the plus side, there was no noticeable gain. The lack of exercise seems to account for lack of progress. My brisk walk at lunch has turned into a sullen trudge taking the shortest route possible and my other workout elements have been put on hold until I stop coughing up green gak.

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    I did get some good fitness advice from my classes, which I will put in effect this coming week, including a sample strength workout to do at home on days when I can't make it to the gym. I was also impressed by the handout on stretching for people over fifty. This has been something I have greatly neglected. I try to keep my mind flexible, but have to say that my body reacts an awful lot like the Tin-man's before he met Dorothy and that oil can. The nutrition advice was not quite as helpful. Part of the program was dedicated to the exchange system and in the sample diet I was given carbohydrates accounted for fifty percent of the calorie intake. The other part of the program introduced carb counting, which corresponds more to what has been working for me so far. Even then, the carb numbers were still in excess of what I feel comfortable with. (I didn't have the chance to catch David Mendosa's phone chat on the topic, but I plan to listen in in the very near future.)


    On another topic, I am looking for some help from the community out there. In years past I have tried to follow the Lenten fasting rules in the Greek Orthodox Church I attend, which, in a nutshell are no meat or dairy products for forty days until Easter. In previous years that meant a lot of bread, potatoes and pastas. You can see the problem. I am sure there is at least one or two vegan diabetics out there who have mastered the art of getting enough protein while avoiding excessive carbohydrates with the accompanying blood sugar spikes and weight gains. If you have any resources, war stories or helpful hints, please put them in the comments! Also, any suggestions for how to keep up your fitness level even though you are not feeling at your best will be appreciated!


Published On: February 18, 2010