Struggling with Losing Weight while Controlling Diabetes

John S. Bell Health Guide
  • My couch is trying to kill me. No, I don't mean that it has come to life with evil intent like some digitally animated Transformers character. It's calling me back to a sedentary life style. It is not even much of a couch, really more of a love seat with a wobbly leg, set up to the left of the entertainment center. During the "fat years," I spent so much time horizontal, with my head propped by pillows at one end and my legs resting on the arm at the other that it now sags in the middle and the arm is threadbare. It is perfectly placed for a view of the flat panel TV, close enough to the table lamp behind it for good reading, and near enough to an electric outlet for the laptop cord to reach. If it had a microwave and plumbing, I would never have to leave. Except for one thing. This week my weight bounced back between 179 and 180. I seem to have hit a weight loss plateau and have gone as far as my basic dietary changes will carry. Calories in have apparently equalized with calories out and here I am, stuck fifteen pounds away from my goal. My goal weight is not radical. It still puts me forty pounds over what I weighed at age twenty-one. My current Body Mass Index (BMI) of 26.6, is well into the overweight range. (But a big improvement over the obese 32.5 BMI I started with.) My 165 pound goal puts me at the high end of normal for my height.

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    The simplest formula for weight loss is eat less and move more. I could still eat a little less, but there are no longer any empty calories to cut out from my diet. It is clear that I need to move more and this is where my couch is trying to kill me. I need to be exercising after work. Instead, I get home, cook dinner, and then “relax for a little” after dinner. A “little” turns into an hour, sometimes two, maybe three if there is something good on the television. The next thing I know, it is time for bed, followed all too soon by breakfast and the morning dash out the door. Is there a twelve-step program for people addicted to a piece of furniture?


    Since it seems that I will not get the job done with the comforts of home available, I am trying something new. I packed a bag with my workout clothes and the plan is to hit the treadmill at the gym on the way home from work. There are leftovers in the fridge which will make a nice dinner along with some salad greens, so no reason to rush home to cook. We will see how it goes. Even as I write this, one of the kids is calling asking if he can have the car this afternoon and have my wife take me home from work. Could he and the couch be in cahoots?


Published On: March 03, 2010