How a Gym Routine Can Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes

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  • Well, the good news this week is that I finally escaped the clutches of my couch. Before leaving the house each morning I made sure that I had a bag with my workout clothes packed in the back of the car and made the gym my first stop on the way home. I have incorporated at least a short workout into every day except this past Saturday. (On Saturday I had enough farm chores to do that I didn't really feel the need to hit the gym as well.) So far the routine is pretty rudimentary. Right now I think it is more important to get in the habit of showing up regularly before trying to get ambitious once I get to the gym. So, at present I do 30 minutes on the treadmill and on alternate days add some weight work for the upper body. After slacking off for so long, I started slow on the treadmill, walking rather than running. I am still mostly walking, but have added about ten minutes worth of running intervals and am using the incline feature to make the walking a little more difficult. I am not doing anything fancy with the weights, just making a circuit of the upper body machines. No one over the age of ten or under the age of seventy would be challenged by the weight load on the machines, but you have to start somewhere. Next week the plan is to get a little more organized and start setting some specific goals, particularly with the weight work. This is not an area I know much about, but will be doing some research. Any suggestions for books, articles or web pages on weight training for beginners will be appreciated!

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    The bad news is that, in spite of the extra exercise, I am actually up a pound to 181. I am eating a bit later in the evening and did eat out a few times this weekend, which may account for the uptick. In spite of the lack of progress on weight loss, I have noticed some initial positive results. My muscle tone is better and my stamina seems to be increasing. And oddly enough, even though I have been at this weight or lower for the past few weeks, in the last couple of days several people I see on a day to day basis have commented on the change in my appearance. It is probably just coincidence, but I will take any encouragement I can get. I can remember running for the fun of it back in my twenties, but that is about the last time I enjoyed exercise for its own sake. Now, if you want me to spend the time and effort I need to see some return on my investment!


    Subjective impressions aside, the one quantifiable improvement has been in my blood sugar numbers. Both pre and postprandial readings are running ten points lower than they were this time last week. Even my “dawn effect” spike is lower the morning after a good session on the weight machines. So, even if the first week of serious exercise is not shedding pounds, it does seem to be helping towards the ultimate goal of reshaping my daily routine toward a healthy way of living.


Published On: March 11, 2010