Type 2 Diabetes: Positive Weight Loss Results

John S. Bell Health Guide
  • The Wednesday morning weigh in this week was 177.8, which happens to be the same as it was this time last week. While I am no closer to my goal, at least I am no further away! The biggest reason for the lack of progress is lack of exercise time in this past week. I canceled Thursday's session to make sure the blister on my foot was healed, since Thursday was just scheduled to be a treadmill day. Friday afternoon I felt a little light-headed and, upon checking my blood sugar, was surprised to find it in the fifties. A cross-check with my back-up meter had me in the low sixties. I have been off of insulin since the beginning of January and do not take any medication other than low-dose aspirin, so I did not expect to find myself wandering towards hypoglycemia. I had eaten a smaller breakfast than usual and did not make up the missing calories at lunch, so I assume the low was just a simple hunger symptom. I opted for an early dinner rather than exercise. Saturday I slept in, caught up on some work, did some farm chores, stopped in at an evening Church service and generally let the day slip away without thinking of exercise. Sunday afternoon I put in a full session on the treadmill and did some weight lifting. I mentioned that my younger son has been encouraging me to use the free weights. I compromised and had him run me a few routines with a weight bench and dumbbells. It was actually more challenging than the machines, so I am thinking of switching over to the dumbbells as a regular practice. Monday I worked late and ran out of time. Tuesday I made it to the gym, discovered that I had not in fact loaded my bag in the car that morning, gave up and went home. Today I was back and put in a full session. Two days out of seven is apparently just enough to keep from putting any pounds back on, but not enough to take anything else off.

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    Even with the light week, I am still feeling the good effects of upping my level of physical activity. Clothes that fit fine in late January are starting to look positively baggy. I have been dipping into the back part of the closet in the guest room we use for storage in search of suits and jackets that fit. On Sunday I dug out a heavier sport coat suitable for a brisk but pleasant early spring day. It looked okay, fit well, so I put it on and headed out. When I got in the car, I felt something in the inside pocket. It turned out to be a booklet of coupons for Dunkin' Donuts that expired in February of 2004, which neatly demonstrated not only about when I started packing on enough weight to retire the smaller sized coat to storage but also how .


    Like everyone else in the gym I hit the treadmill with headphones plugged in. I have yet to find the perfect workout soundtrack. I can't stand more than a few minutes of today's autotuned pre-programmed pop tunes, never got into rap and am a little burned out on classic rock. I'm old enough to remember when it was just “rock.” After thirty to forty years of hearing the same tunes, I'm ready for something a little different. My tastes are pretty eclectic, so I'm willing to try most anything with a beat that doesn't fall into the preceding categories. Any suggestions? What do you out there use to keep you going for those last ten minutes before the workout timer goes off?


Published On: March 25, 2010