Diabetic Weight Loss and Adjusting To a New Body

John S. Bell Health Guide
  • This Saturday I did it: I burned the bridges, sank the boats, cashed in the return ticket. I've made some serious progress towards my weight loss goal, which is great, but it has also left me with serious wardrobe sizing issues. Last summer I could not comfortably button slacks with a 38 inch waist. Now they look like I'm wearing clown pants. Since I'm the kind of guy who never throws out anything in his closet (Sure, it's got some holes in it, but I can still wear it around the house!) I now had whole racks of circus outfits. Just accessorize with some long shoes, an orange wig and a rubber nose and I'm ready to go! I obviously couldn't wear most of this stuff anymore, but what to do with it? When I first started piling on the pounds back in my thirties, all my thin clothes went into storage in the guest room. My original thought was to swap closets; put the old clothes that fit again in the bedroom closet and put the ones that don't away in their place. After all, I invested a lot of money in those clothes over the years and it would make sense to keep them around, just in case I started putting a little weight back on.

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    It came down to a question of commitment. Am I really in this for the long haul? Do I expect to give up and go back to living the way I did before diabetes? If not, then why would I want to make it the least bit easier to fall back into that lifestyle? I don't expect to be perfect at this. I do expect setbacks and weeks where my willpower slips. But do I really want to plan to fail? Well, no. So, I pulled out every stitch of clothing I own and started sorting. Anything that fit went back into the closet. If it was too big but still in good shape, it went into a bag for Goodwill. Anything else got turned into rags or went to the dump. A couple of expensive suits still in good condition were set aside to go to a tailor for alterations. It took most of the day, but I now have a much reduced closet with only clothes that fit. Eleven bags went off to be donated and a new suit and jacket are on their way courtesy of a sale at a local men's store. No turning back. Not only will my diabetes not allow it, I can't afford it! The clothing budget for this year (and next!) is blown and there is now no fallback "fat" closet if I go back to overeating and give up on exercising.


    I am not an optimist by nature, but I am trying to change. Our local Chamber of Commerce designates a "word of the month" for our citizens to think about as a kind of communal character building exercise. As it happens, the word for June is "Optimism - A tendency to expect the best, or at least a favorable outcome." While I am far from a Pollyanna, at least I now have a whole closet dedicated to "expecting a favorable outcome".


Published On: July 16, 2010