My Diabetic Wellness Regime for the Summer

John S. Bell Health Guide
  • Do you remember going back to school in the fall and having to do one of those "What I did with my summer vacation" essays? It's been well over thirty years since I was student, but I still have in the back of my mind the idea that summer implies some sort of change in the routine. Now since my clients and the farm (and the family bills) won't let me take three months off, I have decided that as an alternate summer project I will get rid of those last few pounds standing between me and my weight goal of 165. For about three weeks I have been hovering around 171, sometimes dropping a pound or so under, sometimes going about a quarter pound over, but generally staying a steady six pounds over my target. Here is the plan:

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    Monday, Wednesday and Friday - the push-up workout from Seven Weeks to 100 Push-Ups in the morning, followed by a full body routine in the gym late afternoon or early evening.

    Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday - two thirty minute high intensity interval workouts and one hour long lower intensity cardio workout on the gym treadmill divided up among the three days.

    Saturday - Take it as easy as the farm chores allow



    Breakfast - steel cut oats and Greek Yogurt

    Lunch - soup or salad from a restaurant in walking distance downtown.

    Post-workout snack - nuts or cheese

    Dinner - grilled chicken, lean beef or shrimp with salad and choice of vegetable


    As with all plans, I expect to see some problems in execution. I will be traveling for two weeks this summer on family vacations which will mean a lot of meals out, a totally different daily schedule and uncertain access to exercise equipment. There will be days when the circumstances require a meal different from what is on the diet list. I also expect to have days where I am just worn out, fed up and just not willing to do any more exercise than it takes to locate the TV remote. The challenge will be to make those days the exception rather than the rule. (I have found that I can break my diet on occasion or skip a day at the gym without a problem, but not do both at the same time. ) I also am working to have alternative exercise options for times when there is no treadmill or weight machine around. Running on the beach anyone? I have also been exploring body-weight exercises (like push-ups) in place of free weights and machines for when it is just me and a patch of carpet when exercise time rolls around.


    This is all a bit ambitious, but it seems worth trying. I have come a long way, but at this point all of the easy gains have been accomplished. I have gone from obese (by the standard Body Mass Index calculations) to slightly overweight. Unfortunately the remaining "overweight" part comes mostly from abdominal fat, which the research tells us, is decidedly not a good thing for diabetics. Looking better is great, but the real purpose of this endeavor is overcoming insulin resistance and keeping my blood glucose as close to normal as possible. If diet and exercise was just a poor man's liposuction I would say to hell with it and live happily a little on the portly side. Instead, it is, for me at least, the most effective medication out there. The beneficial cosmetic side effects are just gravy.


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    So, what are the summer plans? Enjoy the heat, have some family time and get rid of that last five pounds of belly fat. I will let you know how it goes, and as always, comments and suggestions are welcome!



Published On: July 01, 2010