Type 2 Diabetes: Losing the Weight and Lowering Your Blood Sugar

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  • I walked out of the doctor's office after my diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes in October of 2009 with two goals. The first was to get my blood sugar down from 395 to normal and the second goal was to get my weight down from 210 pounds to 165. Much to the surprise of my family, my friends and, to be truthful, myself, I'm pretty close to achieving both. My Hgb A1C on my last check up in October of this year (2010) was 5.7; up some from the previous checkup for reasons I will get to, but still not bad. Pretty good in fact considering where I started. My weight this morning was 168. (I like to weigh myself in the morning. Ten to twelve hours without food and seven to eight without liquids will shave a pound or two. It helps to keep me optimistic when facing the scale each day.) I have been moving back and forth between 168 and 171 pounds for the last couple of months without being able to shed those last few pounds.

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    I first started out last year by cutting back on how much I was eating and just as importantly, changed what I was eating. No more buffet lunches or fast food specials. Lots of vegetables, fewer (much fewer) carbs, and a lot more chicken and leaner cuts for the meat portions. I also started walking regularly with occasional trips to the gym when I could muster the motivation. Much to my surprise it worked as advertised and both my weight and my blood sugar dropped rapidly. I have told the story in my previous shareposts if you are interested. The success with my diet eventually encouraged me to step up my exercise routine and I was hitting the gym hard at least three days a week with walking or time on the treadmill on off days. The extra exercise didn't seem to do much for my weight, but it did help with my blood sugar. At one point my Hgb A1C was down to 5.1, which I admit I felt pretty smug about.


    About mid-summer I started slacking off on the exercise. I had a lot of pretty good sounding excuses, but the simple fact was that I was just tired of it, was discouraged by my inability to move on from the "beginner" levels in the program I was doing and wanted a break. I kept up my new eating habits even if I wasn't quite as active. The interesting thing is that I didn't start putting the weight back on. In fact I even once got down to within a pound of that elusive goal of 165. But if my weight wasn't going back up, my blood sugar was. The regular morning readings of 85 turned into 95 and then into 105 (and occasionally up to 110). That A1c of 5.1 crept back up to 5.7, which, while still not bad, didn't make me feel smug at all.


    I started working out at home with a series of body weight exercises three mornings a week to see if that would put me back on track. It helped a bit, but the blood sugar levels still were not back where they were. With some reluctance I went back to the old routine of working out at the gym on the way home from the office. I hate getting home that long after dark in the winter and it pushes dinner back later than I like, but it has knocked the morning blood sugars back to under 100.


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    It has not knocked back the weight though, I am still hovering at or just under 170 pounds. I could claim that it is because that last bit of belly fat is slowly being changed to heavier abdominal muscle, but I can't say that my pants fit any looser the last few weeks. Perhaps the extra work is making me hungrier and upping my calorie intake a bit. Perhaps the meat to green vegetable ratio has been tilting a little heavier in the meat direction lately. But whatever the reason, I seem to be stuck 5 pounds short of my personal goalposts. So I throw the question out to the community:  Any suggestions?



Published On: December 15, 2010