Type 2 Diabetes: The Pancreas' Reacts to the Insult of Poor Food Choices

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  • I'm a sucker for Google News on diabetes. Yes, I ask for it every day, unwavering. Today had an attention-grabbing headline: the diabetes miracle breakthrough revealed - the root cause for diabetes. Why not, right? Next stop - adLAND.


    Alas, it's a focus on Type 2 diabetes and how the pancreas falls from grace under the nutritional insult of poor food choices. In more depth, the press release explains: the pa ncreas becomes diseased by acids: sugar, carbohydrates, excess fats and uric acid (all very Common in our modern diets) that constantly empty from the stomach directly to the pancreas. Because the pancreas is the next link in the digestion chain, whatever is eaten goes directly to this delicate organ, so instead of digesting food and producing insulin, it now becomes a shock organ.

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    As the eating habits continue, the pancreas is forced to continue to neutralize the toxins from the diet. This results, first, in pre-diabetes. If the toxics continue to build - Type 2 diabetes is inevitable. I always wondered if going back to baby food for a while would remedy something. In fact, I think Dr. Bernstein recommends for his patients with severe digestive problems (due to neuropathy) to resort back to juice fasting. What better way to acquire optimum nutrition, enzymes and vitamins from our freshest foods?


    This story was published by a company trying tosell you something. Lest we not be surprised - the name of the company is Ranches Hall. Should you be interested in the one-page drop zone for the advertisement, be my guest.


    I'd love to know what everybody else thinks of these mock diabetes headlines, that are nothing more than another ruse for marketing one thing or another.


Published On: April 29, 2009