Eating Breakfast with Diabetes

Gretchen Becker Health Guide
  • I recently took a trip to the Northwest and stayed mostly in budget motels. Most motels these days include a breakfast along with the room, and sometimes they offer greasy sausage and tasteless eggs. But mostly, they offer a carb banquet: cereal, milk, doughnuts, toast, bagels, jam, pastries, etc., without a protein in sight.


    What to do? When you're traveling with someone else who does eat carbs, it's inconsiderate to insist on going elsewhere for breakfast.


    I solve this problem by bringing my own low-carb cereal. I mix ground nuts and ground flaxseed, half of each, and carry it in a baggy. Then if they provide it, I can just add boiling water. Otherwise I can add hot coffee.

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    I sprinkle on a little fake sugar (when I'm at home I use DaVinci sugarfree syrups, sometimes available at Marshalls and TJ MAxx stores, for flavor), which I also bring along, and I've got a breakfast that satisfies me until lunchtime and hardly makes my blood glucose levels go up at all. If available and you can tolerate it, you could also add a little fruit.


    Another approach is to put some of my dinner into my "doggy box," a tightly sealed plastic box with compartments that fits perfectly into a small cotton purse. Then I can have that for breakfast. But if the weather is hot and the room doesn't have a fridge, you might not be comfortable doing that.


    The cereal works anywhere, regardless of weather.


Published On: September 28, 2010