The Wonderful First Bite

Gretchen Becker Health Guide
  • People always say the first bite of anything is the best, and I recently had a good example of that.


    I have apple trees on my place, but since embarking on a low-carb diet I've stopped making gallons of applesauce every fall. I do occasionally have a slice or two of apple after a meal, and it makes a nice change. But I don't spend time making the sauce.


    Before Thanksgiving, however, I did make some applesauce from my Baldwin apples, to take to a relative on a low-fat diet who was cooking the meal. I didn't add any sweetener but I seasoned with freshly ground cinnamon and nutmeg.


    When it came time for dessert, I decided to reward myself with a tablespoonful of the stuff. After all, it was Thanksgiving.

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    The first bite was absolutely delicious. And I started feeling sorry for myself because I couldn't eat a big dishful.


    The second bite was good, but not as delicious as the first.


    And the third and last bite was sort of ho-hum. It was sweet, but my tastebuds had become deadened to the apple and spice flavor. If I'd had a whole bowlful of the stuff, I would certainly have scraped the bowl clean, but not because I was enjoying most of it all that much, but sort of mechanically, from the habit of cleaning my plate.


    I think we need to keep this "first bite" phenomenon in mind if we're controlling our carbs. Rather than feeling sad because we can't eat a lot of some food, we should feel happy because we're getting only the best part: the first bite. We should eat it slowly and savor it, appreciating all the nuances of flavor.


    Let other people scarf up their food mechanically without enjoying it that much. We're gourmets. We know how to savor those first bites.



Published On: December 11, 2011