Strawberry Shortcake for Lazy People

Gretchen Becker Health Guide
  • It’s strawberry season here in Vermont, and all the local organizations are sponsoring strawberry shortcake dinners.


    I don’t go because they usually start off with ham and baked beans and maybe potato salad, and of course the strawberries are laced with sugar and the shortcake is carb city.


    But I do like berries, so I decided to make my own treat. Wow was that easy!


    I ground some toasted almonds into a dish, piled on some strawberries that had been in the fridge with fake sugar, and topped it off with sugarfree whipped cream.


    You can whip your own cream, or you can use Land O’Lakes sugarfree in a can, sold mostly at (I hate to say) Super WalMart stores. There are other brands of sugarfree whipped cream, but all the ones I’ve seen use maltodextrin and other fillers that don’t taste especially good, as well as raising BG a bit.

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    So who needs the shortcake! It’s mostly just a cheap way of soaking up the strawberry juice. The toasted almonds give the illusion of a crust without all the work of making one. And my version is much more intense and yummy than strawberry shortcake that actually includes shortcake.


    Hope other lazy people agree.



Published On: June 28, 2012