Are Salmon Lazy?

Gretchen Becker Health Guide
  • Do you sometimes get tired of people nagging that you need more exercise?


    Well, now it seems we’re not alone. Farmed salmon need more exercise too. The exercised salmon seem to be more resistant to disease.


    But I wonder how they’ll do it. They do mention increasing the speed of the water current. But have they considered other options?


    I’ll bet that adding ravenous sharks to the tanks would increase the swimming speed of the salmon, although there might be sad side effects of such an approach. Or how about little exercise machines like you see in a gym. The salmon could see how their swimming speed was doing and compete with other salmon for the best scores from the machines.

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    Weight training might increase the size of their muscles, although I’m not sure how they would hold on to the dumbbells. Maybe the fish farmers could strap them to the salmon’s fins.


    Whatever method they use, I find it rather nice that I’m not the only species that doesn’t get enough exercise and gets “lifestyle diseases.” Farmed salmon are lazy louts too.


Published On: September 30, 2012