Free Drug and Strips in Study

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  • Anyone on metformin alone who wants better control and is willing to be randomly assigned to take another drug (sulfonylurea, DPP-4 inhibitor, GLP-1 agonist, or basal insulin) can get the drug plus test strips free for 7 years by enrolling in a study designed to test which of these drugs is better when added to metformin. You have to have been diagnosed 5 or fewer years previously.


    Their site shows which cities are enrolling patients.


    I’m not urging everyone who is eligible to participate. You have to agree to take the drug they assign you to, and they might assign you to a sulf when you really would prefer to take insulin, for example. Or you might want to take another drug after a few years but you’d committed to the study drug.

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    But for anyone on a limited budget who has been putting off taking an expensive drug because of cost, this study might be worth considering.


    Here is more information about the study.




Published On: October 15, 2013