Craving Vegetables; How Tastes Change

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  • My local Coop recently sent out a newsletter that included a picture of some roasted vegetables. My mouth started watering.


    Then I thought a bit. Has my diet changed so much that I now crave vegetables, or was I just hungry? So I tried some photographs of other foods.


    Hamburger and fries. Ho hum. Didn’t look good at all.


    Chocolate milkshake. I could probably drink that, but it would be too sweet for my current tastes. Not mouthwatering.


    Blueberry pie. That was always my favorite, and I’ve often said that if we heard that a comet was heading for Earth so we had only 24 hours before Earth exploded, I’d bake a blueberry pie and eat the whole thing. But would it really taste that good? Again, it would be too sweet, and I can cook blueberries and add a touch of fake sugar plus roasted almonds for crunch. Who needs the pie. Better to spend those 24 hours doing something else. Maybe converting to a religion that guaranteed an afterlife with a money back guarantee if that didn’t happen.

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    I looked at the roasted vegetables again. They still looked mouthwatering.


    If you’ve only recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you may find this difficult to believe. We all have favorite foods, and when suddenly we’re supposed to eliminate, or just cut way back, these favorite foods, it’s very very difficult, especially if our family members can still eat them, and do, while we sit and watch.


    But believe me, with time our tastes change. The foods we used to adore aren’t so adorable any more. When we start eating real foods, we realize the processed foods so many Americans eat really have very little intrinsic taste. That’s why the manufacturers load them with salt and sugar and fat, to fool us into thinking they’re good. But they’re not. They just make us fat.


    Some foods we used to hate now taste delicious. That’s partly because when we don’t drown all our food in sugar and salt and cheap sauces, we can taste the intrinsic flavors and sweetness of food that nature intended us to eat. We start to prefer these foods and our mouth even waters when we see them.


    So if you’ve recently been diagnosed, hang in there. Yes, it’s hard at first. But believe me, it really does get much better with time. When you start craving vegetables, you’ll know you’ve accomplished something important.

Published On: October 03, 2014