Your Diabetes and Your BG Levels Are Vital to Your Overall Health

Gretchen Becker Health Guide
  • Someone on one of my editorial e-mail list provided a link to this YouTube test. 


    It's really pretty clever, and it could refer to our control of our health just as much as to avoiding cyclists or small children walking down a road at night when we're bopping to a CD player or chatting with Auntie Hepsibah on our newest cell phone.


    It could explain why some of us weren't diagnosed with diabetes as soon as we might have liked. Perhaps our physicians were focusing on our cholesterol levels and missed the fact that our blood glucose (BG) levels were slowing going up in the past few years.

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    Or maybe our doctors even told us, "Your sugar is a bit high" and we ignored it because we were worried about coming up with enough money to pay the mortgage or because we had a sick relative and everything else seemed pretty unimportant.


    It could also explain why some people control their BG levels meticulously and still have health problems. Perhaps they're so focused on the BG levels that they forget about blood pressure and blood lipid levels and getting enough exercise and other aspects of their overall health.


    It could explain why some people exercise religiously, to an extreme, and still aren't healthy. Perhaps they're so focused on the exercise that they don't eat right and shovel in lots of quick processed dinners because they're so hungry after a 10-mile run.


    The fact is, our diabetes and our BG levels are vital to our overall health. But they're just one part of our life. We also need to eat healthy foods. We need to get as much exercise as we're able. We need to control our blood pressure and keep an eye on our lipid levels.


    We also need to have a life beyond diabetes. We need to get out and socialize with our friends. We need to make time to spend with our grandchildren (which is always difficult for me as I don't have any). We need to laugh. We need to travel if that's what we enjoy. We need to see interesting movies and go to concerts if that's what we enjoy.


    Diabetes is there, and it's most likely always going to be a part of our lives. But sometimes we need to focus on something else.



Published On: April 16, 2008