Introducing Gretchen Becker: Our New Diabetes Expert

Gretchen Becker Health Guide
  • I’m very excited to be joining the Health Central community of bloggers, and I thought I should start out with a short introduction, explaining what I’m planning to do. (Not that I always accomplish what I’d planned to do. I was expecting to get a Nobel Prize by the age of 30. I don’t have the Pulitzer either, unless it got lost in the mail.)

    The blogs on this forum don’t have names, but I’m thinking of  my contributions as “Wildly Fluctuating.” By this I mean that I’m planning to tackle wildly fluctuating topics from the very serious to the very absurd; from basic information that everyone needs to more technical stuff that might be of interest to old timers to simple musings on the diabetes news of the week.

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    Diabetes is a serious disease. It can be heartbreaking. So I think we all need to laugh. Thus I’m hoping to write something humorous at least some of the time. I know that one person’s idea of what is funny might not be someone else’s idea of what is funny. So I plan to label the allegedly humorous blogs just in case someone might think they were serious.

    I’d also like to occasionally discourse on the science of diabetes. Patients with diabetes, more than those with almost any other disease, need to understand the scientific basics of topics like digestion, food composition, drug absorption, and so forth. At least we need to do this if we want good control.

    Health professionals, including physicians and certified diabetes educators, can provide general guidance and one-size-fits all treatment plans. But we’re not all one size, and a treatment plan that works great for Joe might not work well at all for Josephine. The health care people can’t be at our side 24/7, helping us to decide whether or not to eat that chocolate eclair someone just offered to us. We’ve got to understand this stuff ourselves.

    I tried to explain the basics of the disease in my book “The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes,” and the basics of diabetes prevention in “Prediabetes.” But new material comes out every day, and even when it doesn’t, it never hurts to review what we already know.

    I also plan to give my take on the numerous diabetes news stories that seem to surface every week, if not every day, these days. The news media tend to simplify things and tell us that type 2 is preventable or type 1 has been cured, when in fact some factor or other has been shown to reduce the incidence of type 2 to some degree or type 1 has been cured in mice.

    Actually, if you want to be cured of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, as well as be cured of obesity despite eating a high-calorie diet, your best bet is to be reincarnated as a diabetic mouse. They seem to have been cured zillions of times.

    I’ve had type 2 diabetes myself for 11 years now. And I’ll occasionally write about my experiences living with this beast, the good as well as the bad. However, I do hope I don’t become so self-focused that my blog turns into an off-topic daily diary about my favorite toothpaste or a great buy in hamburger at the local grocery store.

  • And I do promise you one thing: I’ll never, ever upload photos of my cats.

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Published On: May 05, 2007