A Diabetes Recipe: Cranberry Relish

Gretchen Becker Health Guide
  • Cranberries. What would Thanksgiving be without them. It's delicious on the day itself, and it's also delicious with the leftover turkey we all eat for the next few days.


    Unfortunately, the easy cranberry sauce, the stuff that comes in cans, is loaded with sugar. So what can we do?


    Use our creativity, of course. If you have a family recipe for cranberry sauce, try making it with a sugar substitute.


    Many people like the combination of cranberries and oranges ground together. So do I, but even whole oranges make my blood glucose go up. So when I make cranberry sauce, I use orange gelatin dessert.

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    It's simple: dissolve some sugarfree orange gelatin dessert in boiling water as usual, add some chopped cranberries, let it set, and that's all there is to it.


    If you want to add other stuff, go ahead. Add walnuts. Try a little chopped ginger. Add some chopped onions. Or if you're really courageous, add a little horseradish.


    You could even serve one version on Thanksgiving day and try different variations for the leftover turkey on the following days, so each day's meal tastes a little different.


    Happy holidays to all.


Published On: November 30, 2009