Sunday, March 26, 2017

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Does Exercise Help Type 2 Diabetes?

I think most of us would agree that exercise is healthy. It helps the heart to get stronger. It increases our circulation and opens up little microvessels that close down when we lounge around. And it usually makes our blood glucose (BG) levels go down.


But thinking about how healthy exercise is can be easy. It’s doing it... Read moreChevron

Aging and Beta Cells

Does having type 2 diabetes destroy your beta cells?


It does in the classic explanation of type 2 diabetes progression. According to this theory, you gain too much weight for some reason or other. The increased weight causes insulin resistance (IR). The IR means you have to produce more insulin than normal to keep your blood... Read moreChevron

For the Recently Diagnosed

Newbie Days


I started playing the violin badly when I was about 10, and I’ve been playing badly ever since. As a result, I sometimes have trouble remembering what it’s like not to know how to hold the bow or how to curve my fingers over the strings. When I want to remember, I try playing the violin by holding the bow in... Read moreChevron

What Can We Believe?

When can we believe what we read? It’s not always easy to know.


One problem is “news” releases and blogposts by people who have something to gain if we follow their advice. The Internet is full of “diabetes cures” that are essentially scams. Most of us know to ignore such fanciful claims. If diabetes could be cured... Read moreChevron

Why Do We Eat?

In my previous post, I commented on the fact that my cravings seem to have changed since my diabetes diagnosis 18 years ago. Several people said they haven't seen the changes I've seen, so I've been thinking more about this, and I think that for me, at... Read moreChevron