Sunday, March 26, 2017

Gretchen Becker's Posts

Craving Vegetables; How Tastes Change

My local Coop recently sent out a newsletter that included a picture of some roasted vegetables. My mouth started watering.


Then I thought a bit. Has my diet changed so much that I now crave vegetables, or was I just hungry? So I tried some photographs of other foods.


Hamburger and fries. Ho hum. Didn’t... Read moreChevron

Insulin Resistance and Bears

If you read popular science magazines, you’ve probably seen the recent research about hibernating grizzly bears and insulin resistance. You can see a few articles here, Read moreChevron

Are Gut Bacteria Controlling What We Eat?

Are the bacteria in our gut calling the shots when it comes to the foods we eat? Do we crave cookies because cookies are what the bacteria want to eat?


It sounds weird, but there’s growing evidence that it might be... Read moreChevron

Better Food on a Budget

A recent blogpost said that people with diabetes need to eat organic food.


I agree that it’s healthier both for us and for the environment to eat organic food. But organic food is more expensive than conventional food, so what is a... Read moreChevron

High Insulin Levels in Nondiabetics

Many of us think that using insulin before it’s necessary will help to “rest” our beta cells so they’ll last longer.


But now comes a research paper showing that excess insulin actually causes... Read moreChevron