Moderate Alcohol Intake For the Holidays

Dr. Frank Varon Health Pro
  • A just-published research study in the December issue of Diabetes Care evaluated the effects of moderate alcohol intake on blood glucose levels at fasting and postprandial states. The study used 109 type-2 diabetes patients to receive either 150 ml of wine (13 grams alcohol) or nonalcoholic diet beer (control) each day for a three-month period of time for the trial. Participants must have a history of previously abstaining from alcohol use.


    Ninety-one people completed the trial. Of those in the alcohol group, the fasting glucose on average changed from 139.6 to 118.0 mg/dl compared to those in the control group 136.7 to 138.6 mg/dl. However, alcohol consumption had no significant effects in postprandial glucose levels. The patients in the alcohol group with higher baseline A1c's had greater reductions in their fasting plasma glucose. No adverse effects were reported and no significant effects in liver enzymes were found during the trial. Participants in the alcohol group reported an improvement in falling asleep.

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    So for the holidays, it might not be a bad idea for the usual revelry!


    Source: Diabetes Care 30(12):3011-3016

Published On: November 29, 2007