Living with Diabetes during my Second Pregnancy

Kelsey Bonilla Health Guide

    After several confidence-building ultrasounds and a few terrible weeks of "all-day" sickness, I'm happy to report that I'm expecting a baby!  I'm currently in my 19th week.  As anticipated, I'm sporting the baby bump significantly earlier this time around, as my body already knows where it's supposed to stretch. 


    Sienna, my daughter, happily tells people, "Mommy has a baby in her belly!" and was pretty set on having a little sister.  When she met her new baby cousin a couple weeks ago, she warmed to the idea of a baby boy. We don't intend to find out the gender (we just loved the surprise!) so we have several months of speculation ahead of us!   

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    Since we experienced the pain of a miscarriage last fall; Dennis and I have been a little more anxious in these really weeks.  We've been comforted by one of the few perks of a diabetic pregnancy, frequent ultrasounds.  By 18 weeks, I'd already had seven, including two detailed anatomy scans. Each one showed a healthy, growing, adorable little baby. 


    On the diabetes front, I enjoyed the little lull in insulin needs that often starts late in the first trimester.  My total daily dose of insulin was decreasing while my healthy eating habits improved over the third and fourth month.  This made me feel better after eating pretty much whatever I wanted in order to combat the nausea that lasted from week 6 to 10.  That's a terrible time and I'm quite thrilled to be through it!


    Compared to my first pregnancy, this time around feels similar but different.  With Sienna, I was all consumed with thinking about the baby, planning meals, and monitoring my blood sugar like a hawk.  Now, with a busy job and an even busier toddler, sometimes half a day will go by before I have a conscious thought about the baby inside of me. 


    In terms of my control, there are two factors that balance one another pretty nicely.  First of all, I have the experience of having done this before and a plan that I know worked well.  I'm limiting my carbohydrate intake, particularly in the morning, and swimming three days a week.  On the other hand, I'm not as obsessively worried about my blood sugar level every minute as I was during my first pregnancy.   I suppose this is an extension of the typically more relaxed approach that parents have with subsequent children.   I'm still shooting for tight blood sugar control and my target numbers are the same, but I don't freak out if my blood sugar hits 160 mg/dl after a meal.


    So, I'm hoping that experience and know-how will help make up for a tiny decrease in focus.  All in all, I'm so excited to be pregnant and looking forward to sharing the highs and lows, literally and figuratively, with you all over the next few months!   

Published On: August 23, 2010