Diabetes and Late Night Snack Attack

Kelsey Bonilla Health Guide
  • Last Sunday night I had a diabetes episode that left me feeling cranky and exhausted on Monday morning.  It was a completely self-induced event, which just heaps guilt onto an already icky experience.  Here's what happened:

    The kids were asleep and I was settling into the couch to watch some TV with my husband.  My blood sugar was 127 mg/dl after a dinner of salmon and roasted sweet potatoes (yum!).  I decided to have some banana chips dipped into natural peanut butter as a snack.  I didn't intend on eating many, so I bolused just one unit of insulin. 


    My first mistake was bringing the entire bag of banana chips to the couch instead of just taking a serving.  One handful of banana chips turned into two, then three.  In the back of my mind I heard this nagging voice whispering, "You should bolus, this is far more than 20 grams of carbohydrates..."  But, I ignored it. 

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    A couple handfuls later, I encouraged my husband to take some banana chips to lessen the amount I'd consume.   I even made a comment to Dennis that went something like, "I can't stop eating these..."


    Well, I bet you've already figured out that we finished the entire bag that evening.  I finally bolused 3 units of insulin and figuratively crossed by fingers before going to sleep.   I wasn't surprised to see a blood sugar of 298 mg/dl when I awoke in the middle of the night, just frustrated. 


    High blood sugars are the worst... I fought this one down with a couple correction boluses and had it under control by mid-morning.  However, the cranky, guilty, tired feeling started my day and my week off on a bad foot. 


    When I talked to Dennis just before lunch and lamented my poor choice the night before he innocently asked, "Why didn't you just stop eating them?"  To which I replied, "Because sometimes I just don't want to think about everything I eat!"  My outburst spoke volumes.  It was like a little bout of "diabetes amnesia."   I just didn't manage my diabetes the way I usually did and chose not to think very much about it.


    Looking back, it's funny to think that my big indulgence was banana chips, since that's not exactly the most exciting treat!

Published On: October 25, 2011