Quieting those Nagging Doubts

Kelsey Bonilla Health Guide
  • I’ve written before about how my major goal for diabetes management post pregnancies was to have it impact my life as little as possible.  To that end, eating a low carbohydrate diet (Paleo, specifically) has been a great success.  By giving myself such small doses of insulin to cover my low-carb meals my blood sugars are amazingly stable.  This is great for my physical health but the mental relief was a surprising bonus. 


    It’s wonderful not having to worry about what my blood sugar is doing between meals.   Those nagging doubts: “Did that really have 45 grams of carbohydrates in it?  Did I overbolus for that meal?  Did that dressing have more sugar that I accounted for?  Did I underbolus?  Is my blood sugar dropping?  Do I need a little snack before this meeting?” are mercifully quiet when eating meals with little carbohydrate and therefore taking small doses of fast acting insulin.   

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    When people discuss the emotional and mental toll that diabetes takes on a person, this constant guessing, doubting, questioning that goes on day in and day out is a big part of the struggle.  Not getting to eat “whatever I want” is a small price to pay for quieting (if not silencing) that inner, nagging voice.  It’s a great change when I realized that while on the sugar detox, I would test my blood to confirm what I already suspected my blood sugar to be.  There wasn’t any doubt that it would be in range during most of my blood sugar checks because I hadn’t done anything to bump it out of range. 


    After nearly two months of eating a low-carbohydrate diet, the best side effect has been not constantly thinking about my blood sugars (while maintaining good control).  I’ve even gone a few hours between blood glucose checks only to find I’m right where I should be. 


    There you go diabetes, to the back of my mind, where you should be.  

Published On: October 30, 2012