Fine Tuning my Insulin Routine

Kelsey Bonilla Health Guide
  • Today is my birthday; and this morning I began my birthday celebration with an endocrinology appointment!   I tend to enjoy these bi-annual checkups as I thrive on the affirmation of a solid A1C result and the accompanying, “Keep doing what you’re doing” pep talk from my endo


    I was looking forward to telling my doctor about the paleo diet and how it’s been working for me.  I didn’t expect to have anything change with my care or medications as I’ve gotten the split daily dose of Lantus down and really enjoy the freedom of multiple daily injections instead of the pump.  However, as we chatted about my routine and specifically a few low blood sugars that appeared on my meter printout, my doctor zeroed in on possible area for improvement.

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    “So, you corrected for the 181 mg/dl at 1:00 a.m.?”  He asked.


    “Yes.  I tried to give myself about half a unit, but it might have been more.” I confessed.


    “You tried?” He asked.


    This exchange led my doctor to suggest we look into a pediatric insulin pen.  Since I’m eating meals with very little carbohydrate, sometimes I need half a unit of insulin.  I’m sometimes able to rig it effectively on my syringe (as I’ve been doing in the morning to cover dawn phenomenon while swimming), but it’s approximate, at best. 


    So, I’m going to start using a Humalog pen that delivers doses in ½ units, which is exciting!  This will be perfect for those times when my blood sugar is on the lower end of “in range” at mealtime.  Instead of opting to either skip insulin or give an entire unit for a meal that contains nearly no carbohydrates, I’ll be able to split the difference and inject .50 units.   It’s nice to have so many insulin delivery options!


    Also, it’s great to have a thoughtful endocrinologist who, like a therapist, picks up on the nuances of what I say and finds ways to make me healthier!



Published On: January 31, 2013