Updating my Logging Routine

Kelsey Bonilla Health Guide
  • The daily grind of diabetes can start to make all the blood glucose numbers blur together when you try to reflect back on how your control has been lately.  140 mg/dl, 205 mg/dl, 78 mg/dl… so, the average may be decent, but how has my control really been?   This has been running through my mind lately and making me think that logging my blood sugars and insulin boluses would be a good practice to resume. 


    During both pregnancies, I logged incessantly for the Certified Diabetes Educator to review and give me recommendations for insulin dosing adjustments.   Seeing the trends of my blood sugars helped me to identify where I needed more or less insulin throughout the day.  Also, having to report on what I ate, definitely kept me on the straight-and-narrow in terms of food choices and accurate bolusing.   

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    Intermittently, I’ve used the Sugar Stats website to log and graph my blood sugars.  The information is really useful, as long as I faithfully inputted the information in a timely manner.  Otherwise, it was overwhelming to update when I’d get a few days behind. 


    So, in considering logging blood sugars now, I’m debating the merits of a physical notebook log, an online log, or an app on my iPhone.  I’m REALLY not tech savvy and just switched from a Blackberry to the iPhone a few months ago.  It’s been fabulous!   Funny, it’s taken me this long to even contemplate that there would be apps on the phone for logging diabetes info! 


    For those of you that use an app for logging, which do you recommend? 

Published On: March 21, 2013