Managing Diabetes and Diet While Pregnant

Kelsey Bonilla Health Guide
  • Pregnancy Tracker: 31 weeks

    Size of the Baby: 3.5 pounds.

    Biggest Obstacle: Always feeling like I have to go to the bathroom!


    I'm about to start my ninth month of pregnancy in less than a week. I just got home from my baby shower and now we're really starting to accumulate all the baby gear. Seeing my loved ones, most of whom hadn't seen me pregnant yet, helped me to reflect on the journey this last eight months have been. As I told my family and friends, to sum up my experience, "I love being pregnant!"


    A few weeks ago, my husband pointed out how much I've been enjoying my pregnancy. A clerk at our local supermarket started asking me about our due date and telling me the stories of her births. I was excited to chat with her and walked away with a big smile on my face. Dennis turned to me and happily said, "You just love this, don't you?" I had to admit that I do.

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    People are friendlier to pregnant people. In our jaded world, a pregnant woman is one of the few things that the public still holds sacred. My best friend, who was my faithful travel companion on the long haul up to Eureka, noticed the attitude of strangers toward me. While we were grabbing a bun-less burger at In-n-Out (I told you that would be on our itinerary), she commented that people were looking at my belly and smiling.


    Although it's a lot of work, I think the diabetes component of my pregnancy also contributes to my joy. It's incredibly fulfilling to see my blood sugars remain stable when I put in that extra effort to maintain them. Each growth scan that shows a baby right on track further motivates me to eat the right foods and get my regular exercise.


    My diabetes management plan for the long road trip (1,600 plus miles over 4 days!) worked like a charm. Setting the temporary basal was probably the best idea. It's amazing how that constant stream of insulin keeps blood sugars from spiking! Laying out the plan in detail before the trip also got me in the right mindset for picking healthy foods.


    As we left town, I stayed away from the pastries, instead having an all-natural cashew and date bar with my decaf coffee. When we stopped for burgers, I avoided the French fries and stuck to eggs and wheat toast when we went out for breakfast. Healthy food choices can sometimes be boring, that's for sure. However, I've been thinking of food as fuel for our baby's growth, which helps make the sacrifice feel virtuous instead of torturous!


    While pregnancy isn't all joyful for every mother-to-be, one part that we all seem to love is feeling the baby move. I've been feeling kicks for several months now. Recently, the movements have changed because the baby is fitting more snuggly in the uterus. With less room to move about, I really feel each time the baby shifts positions. As I'm typing I can see my belly move as the baby does. A few movements have been a little uncomfortable, but each one is amazing.


    Having my family and friends feel the baby move is so awesome. Due to years of insulin injections and pump sites, I'd never considered my stomach to be one of my assets. However, my pregnant belly is great! I love having my family and friends put their hand on my belly to feel the baby move.


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    It's so cool to have this companion with you all of the time. I'll be at work, driving, watching a movie, reading in bed, or any other activity and suddenly the baby kicks or moves and I'm completely aware of its presence. Each time I feel the baby move, I'm reminded that this entire process is a miracle and such a joy.


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Published On: November 07, 2007