The Ease of Bolusing for Repeating Meals

Kelsey Bonilla Health Guide
  • For the past several months, I’ve been making meals in batches on the weekends and then reheating them throughout the week.  Typically this has taken the form of some type of paleo baked good for breakfast (often muffins made with almond flour) and then a frittata with chicken and vegetables for lunch. 


    There are so many benefits to this plan!  First, it’s efficient.  Rather than taking the time to prep breakfast in the morning or at lunchtime, I can just reheat, eat, and go.  Makes my mornings a lot less hectic!   I’m also better able to estimate my food expenses by making a batch of something that lasts several days.

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    But, as a diabetic, the best part of eating the same meal several days in a row is that the estimation of how much insulin I need to cover it becomes really easy.  You know that feeling when you’re eating something you’re not all that familiar with?  You’re really just guessing at how many carbs are in the meal and how it’s going to affect your blood sugar.  On the other hand, it’s great when you have a day or two of recent experience with a meal so you can really hone in on the appropriate insulin bolus to cover it, depending on current blood sugar, activity level, etc. 


    Luckily I don’t tend to get bored with a dish until after 3-4 recent meals of it!  If you want to get a little break from the carbohydrate guessing game, give this idea a shot. 

Published On: July 10, 2013