Childhood Poem About Diabetes

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  • My mom recently brought me several bins of keepsakes from my childhood.  It was so fun to see all my Babysitter Club books, which I loved!  Stacey was my favorite long before I was diagnosed with diabetes.  When the doctor told us that I had diabetes, I knew what he meant because of the description of Stacey’s juvenile diabetes that was included in each Babysitter Club book. 


    One of the other fun discoveries was a poetry notebook I made back in junior high school.  It was poignant to read these poems and remember what it felt to be a young girl learning all about the world.  I wrote one entitled, “Diabetes” when I was 14 years old, just less than a year after my diagnosis:

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    It’s the last thing you expect to happen to you, or anyone else you know.

    It’s scary and it makes you blue.

    All the emotions are really weird,

    With all the notions about how life should be, it’s really quite scary to me.

    With all the strange numbers, needles, and pricks,

    It almost starts to make me sick.

    But you learn to get through it, and even get used to it.

    It’s still not fun, and it sometimes makes me sad,

    But all in all, it’s not so bad.


    The thing that strikes me about this poem is how I put a positive spin on a bad situation.  I am an eternal optimist and was voted “Most Cheerful” in school.  So, it fits my personality that I’d find a way to embrace this disease.  Reading it now, however, it makes me sad to remember how strange and foreign this disease was to me then.  As I get ready to “celebrate” my 20 year anniversary of diabetes later this month, it’s amazing to think about how intimately intertwined this disease is with my life, both past and present.

Published On: July 15, 2013