Embracing Diabetes Technology

Kelsey Bonilla Health Guide
  • If I haven’t mentioned it before let me confess now: I’m not very tech savvy.  I only got an iPhone about a year ago.  I don’t use a lot of the popular social media sites.  I have to ask coworkers to help me figure out the basic functions on cameras, phones, etc.  Technology is just not a passion or interest of mine.  When I have had new devices, diabetes related or otherwise, I really dislike the process of learning how they work.   When I take the time to consider any type of technology in my life, I have that nagging feeling that I’m not using the device, app, or program to its fullest.  But, since I dislike the process of learning about it, I typically just ignore that nagging feeling. A few years ago I tried to overcome this inertia and made “embracing all the technology in my life” my New Years’ resolution; I made moderate strides that year.

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    However, this week at the endocrinologists’ office, I had an experience that might just make me embrace this learning curve with technology.  I handed both my meter and Dexcom receiver to the nurse and she returned with reports from each device.  I’ve seen the meter report at previous appointments it’s helpful.  But, I really liked seeing the data on the Dexcom report!  It was awesome to see the trends and several weeks of data together in a logical format.  The suggested pattern feature was very cool too. 


    After reviewing the reports with my doctor, that familiar feeling came over me as I asked a question I already knew the answer to: “I can print these reports at home too, right?”  “Yes, you sure can,” he replied politely. 


    So, now to embrace the part I typically avoid: downloading the software, learning how to use the program, and then doing it often enough that it feels familiar.  Perhaps another New Years’ resolution will help.  


    Does anyone else feel this way about technology?  Have you figure out a way to push yourself to learn and apply new tools?

Published On: October 30, 2013