Diabetes Preparedness: Forgetting Your Glucose Meter

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    You've heard of the concept of "pregnancy brain" right? Basically, pregnant women are known for being forgetful or absentminded. I've definitely had moments over the past few months when I could blame my mistakes on being pregnant.


    My blunder this weekend was probably due to being in "vacation mode" as much as anything. I have an uncanny ability to do stupid things during holidays or vacations. Once, I locked my keys in my car three times in two days while on a ski trip! I think it has something to do with the relaxed nature of being on a break; apparently I take that to the extreme!

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    On Thanksgiving Day, my mom, Dennis, and I decided to take a long walk while the turkey roasted. It was a beautiful fall afternoon in San Diego, so we headed out to Seaport Village and the Harbor for our stroll. I'd had a couple delicious little cookies and some bites of baked pie crust with my coffee (again with the baked goods!) So, my blood sugar could've also stood the benefit of a nice, long walk.


    Dennis, as usual, offered to carry my glucose monitor. I grabbed my little case and threw a $20 bill in, just in case we needed some cash on our journey. Dennis tucked the meter case safely in his fleece jacket while I pocketed a 100 Calorie Balance Bar (my new favorite snack!) and we were off.


    After about 45 minutes of walking, I decided to stop to test. I'd bolused pretty aggressively for my morning treats, and I figured the walking was starting to lower my blood sugar. I tested at 120 mg/dl and since I had plenty of insulin on board, decided to have my Balance Bar. After testing, I tried to tuck the meter case back in Dennis's pocket, however, I couldn't find the right angle, so I set the meter between us while I enjoyed my snack.


    We hopped up off the bench and made our way down the harbor a bit farther. After another 30 minutes or so, Dennis asked, "Hey, where's your meter?"


    "Don't you have it?" I asked.


    "No. Not since you stopped to test," he replied.


    Oh no! It hit me. I assumed he'd noticed me trying to put the meter back. However, his jacket was tied around his waist, so it wasn't all that obvious what I was doing with the meter. I'd just left my meter case sitting on the bench!


    We quickly turned around and made our way back. We actually got a good workout since we picked up the pace considerably!


    Unfortunately, the little black meter case was no where to be found. Dennis asked at a tourist information stand if anything had been turned in, while I asked a couple people who were loitering in the area if they'd seen it. No luck.


    Dennis, who apparently should have been a detective, suggested we check the trash cans in the vicinity. Maybe, someone took the cash and dumped the meter. We glanced in the garbage can directly next to the bench and what was scattered along the top? FreeStyle test strips! I assume they were the used ones I had collected in the side pocket. We chose not to dig in the trash to see if the rest of the supplies where buried in there! But, it was interesting to have the confirmation that someone indeed took the meter.


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    So, we were out one FreeStyle Flash meter, an old lancing device, about 30 or so test strips, and $20.00. Darn!


    While hustling back to the bench, I'd been mentally sorting through my stash of spare testing supplies back at home. Being that it was Thanksgiving and nearing the late afternoon, I figured many stores would be closing, so I'd better have everything I needed back at home.


    Luckily, we returned home to find an abundance of testing supplies! I had quite a few items I didn't even know about! One spare meter had a dead battery, but I also had the integrated FreeStyle meter that attaches to my pump. I haven't used it much, mostly because of the increased bulkiness it adds to the pump. Dennis, however, thought the integrated meter was the coolest thing, and I've been using it happily for the last few days.


    I located not one, but two, FreeStyle lancing devices and I currently have tons of test strips since I recently renewed the prescription. I was all set!


    Looking back I realize that after a few moments of initial disappointment, (in my stupidity more than anything), I took the whole incident in stride. Really, what could I do about it anyway?


    Rather than try to blame anyone else, I told Dennis, "Ultimately, it's my responsibility to remember my meter." He lovingly suggested that he should have remembered it too. Sharing responsibility for a silly mistake sure makes it easier to bear.


    Finally, we did one more thing to cap off our absentminded afternoon. My mom suggested we take her car to run home to get replacement supplies, so we wouldn't lose our parking spot. Dennis and I took the elevator down to her parking structure and looked at one another.


    "Don't you have the keys?" he asked. "No, I thought you did." I replied. Eye rolling and laughter ensued.


    When I got back upstairs to get the keys from Mom, she remarked, "Are you guys going to be able to keep track of your baby?"


    Very funny, Mom.

Published On: November 27, 2007