Diabetic pregnancy and birth weight

Kelsey Bonilla Health Guide
  • Pregnancy Tracker: 36 weeks, 6 days

    Size of the Baby: About 7 pounds

    Biggest Obstacle: Getting everything ready for the baby's arrival!


    On Friday afternoon at my 36 week growth scan, I learned that my belly isn't the only one growing. Baby Bonilla's is too!


    Diabetics tend to have large babies, as we know. I've been working my tail off to ensure that our little one didn't get too big. I've been eating a low-carb diet, exercising regularly, and keeping my insulin needs relatively low -- yet still, diabetes reared its ugly head and our baby's belly is getting a little chunky now.

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    Since my last couple A1c results have been 5% and 5.4%, plus, I've only gained a total of 14 pounds, my doctor didn't expect the baby to be big at this scan. Overall, the baby only measured 3 days over its gestational age, but the belly was disproportionately large, although not terribly.


    My doctor had mentioned possibly inducing me around the 5th of January, just three days prior to my due date, if I hadn't gone into labor naturally by then. Due to the baby's growth, he decided to schedule my induction for the morning of January 2. Clearly he's not that concerned about the baby's size, since he's only moving the induction date up a few days.


    As I started to tell my co-workers about the new plan, I received an expected response. I work at an accounting firm, so everyone is quite familiar with tax laws and deadlines. People keep reminding me that I should try to have the baby by the end of the year for the tax deduction!


    (My doctor and I actually discussed this potentiality. He explained that the baby doesn't put on much weight in those final days. Thus, inducing a few days earlier doesn't save us a great deal on the baby's size. On the other hand, during those final weeks and days the baby's lungs are still developing. We have a better chance of having a baby that's mature and able to breastfeed successfully if we wait a few extra days to induce labor.)


    Ideally, I will go into labor naturally in the next couple weeks. I have no idea whether my body is ready for that or not. You hear women talk about the baby "dropping" or what's medically referred to as "lightening," when the baby moves further down in the pelvis in preparation for labor. Since I'm still feeling kicks and movements up near my rib cage, I think it's safe to say that the baby has not dropped yet. Then again, I don't know, I've never done this before!


    I am starting to feel increased discomfort in my hips, which is to be expected as they widen to make room for the baby's descent. Also, I'm noticing bladder pain after drinking liquid, which probably indicates that the baby is settling down in the pelvis.


    Another potential indicator of impending labor is what experts call "nesting," when a pregnant woman gets a burst of energy and feels an intense desire to get everything ready for the baby. I don't think I've experienced this yet, although my energy level has remained fairly high throughout my pregnancy. This weekend Dennis and I did do a lot of nesting, out of necessity! After we learned the date of induction we realized it was only two weeks away!


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    We spent the entire weekend running errands, checking items off our "to-do" list, and buying baby supplies. Last night, while I washed baby items, organized the closet, and prepped the nursery, Dennis assembled the swing, car seat, and stroller. There's still some organization to do, but basically we'd be prepared if the baby arrived at any time now.


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Published On: December 20, 2007