Postpartum Wrap-up

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  • Pregnancy Tracker: 7 weeks postpartum

    Size of the Baby: 11 pounds

    Biggest Obstacle: Finding time in the day to blog!


    Last week was my postpartum check up. Six weeks after giving birth, I drove the all too familiar route to my doctor's office and got to show off Sienna to the people who helped ensure her healthy arrival.


    After checking in with the front office assistant, Sienna and I sat down in the waiting room. There was only one other woman waiting and she was 37 weeks pregnant. It felt very special to be the new mom, there with my baby. This woman asked me about my delivery and I got to share the whole story with someone eager for the information. Motherhood is such a neat club that you suddenly become included in as soon as you have a child. It feels good to have a positive story to share with other women. I told her that the epidural was great and that labor wasn't as bad as I feared.

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    I didn't know what to expect at this appointment. First, I had to fill out a questionnaire about my mental state. It turned out to be the same form I completed at the hospital, a couple of days after delivery. Basically, it's a screening for postpartum depression. After finishing the survey, Sienna and I went to the exam room where I weighed in and got my blood pressure taken. Both were good and low!


    The nurse instructed me to undress and put on a gown. Sienna began to get a little fussy. There were a few awkward moments as I noticed milk leaking onto the gown as I tried to calm Sienna in her car seat by rocking it and rubbing her head. Trying to keep her happy and my gown wrapped around me with rough paper towels against my nipples was an interesting balancing act! Luckily she calmed down just as my doctor arrived. He told me that he performs many postpartum exams with mom holding their baby!


    I introduced Sienna to my doc and we discussed some of the details of my delivery. He then did a basic vaginal exam and reported that the tearing had healed nicely. Next, he asked me about contraception. I told him which birth control pill I took previously. Even though it contains estrogen, I am going to try taking it again. If it starts to negatively affect my milk supply, I'll switch to the "breastfeeding pill" that contains only progesterone. The doctor entered my prescription into the computer which sends it electronically to my mail order pharmacy and the nurse gave me a couple samples. Very convenient!


    As my Certified Diabetes Educator arrived, Sienna woke up and started crying, demanding to be feed. Since I had neglected to record any blood sugars over the past six weeks, there wasn't much for my CDE and me to discuss. Instead, she held Sienna while I warmed up her bottle of breast milk.


    I then took Sienna out to the waiting room to feed her, since my appointment was done. Really there were only a few details to wrap-up. It felt odd to have such a quick exam, after months of intense medical care, but now that the pregnancy is complete there's much less to monitor.


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    Upon leaving the medical office and driving a few blocks away, I remembered that I was supposed to get my blood drawn for an A1c test! I drove back and thankfully didn't have to wait too long for my turn at the lab. I guess my pregnancy forgetfulness has turned into parental absentmindedness!


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Published On: February 26, 2008