Diabetes and Motherhood: Breast Feeding and Time Management

Kelsey Bonilla Health Guide
  • Pregnancy Tracker: 7 weeks, 1 day postpartum

    Size of the Baby: 11 pounds

    Biggest Obstacle: Not enough time in the day!


    I'm a planner. I thrive on being organized, efficient, and multitasking. Although my hyper planning often drives my husband crazy (he's much more easy going than I am); these character traits serve me very well in managing my diabetes, particularly during my pregnancy.


    Children, however, force you to live in the moment and slow down. I've been looking forward to this change, seeing it as an opportunity for personal growth. Well, I have grown, but there have been growing pains!

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    It's so hard to get things done sometimes. Today, I wanted to make beef stew and I had to wait for Sienna to nap so I could chop all of the vegetables. I had a Plan B dinner in mind, in case she didn't settle down, thus derailing the stew plan.


    Part of the planning difficulty is due to our feeding arrangement. Since Sienna and I had difficulty with breastfeeding, I'm pumping breast milk and giving it to her via a bottle. This means twice the time commitment for each feeding!


    When Sienna takes a nap during the day, the first thing I have to do is pump. Next, if she's still sleeping or otherwise entertained, I can decide between eating, showering, doing laundry, cooking, blogging, sending emails, or attend to anything else I'd like to do!


    Yesterday I spent all my free time making beef stew. I heated up leftovers for lunch and got a lot of housework done. Showering didn't make the cut.


    Today I took a long shower and even shaved my legs! I also got a chance to scramble up some eggs and prep some healthy snacks for myself. And now I'm working on a blog post, so it's actually been a pretty productive day.


    It's amazing how quickly the day becomes filled up with feedings, diaper changes, pumping, and cuddling with my daughter! The thing that seems to fall through the cracks is acute attention to my diabetes. Sure, I'm testing at least ten times per day and delivering insulin through my faithful insulin pump, however, I'm not taking as much time to plan my meals and bolus my insulin accurately and timely. Luckily, highs are not as devastating as they were while pregnant. Still, they're frustrating.


    Overall, I am learning to surrender to the new pace of life. Motherhood shifts all of your priorities quite dramatically. When Sienna has a need it wins out over anything else that requires my attention. The one caveat to that system occurs when my blood sugar is low. I must fix a low in order to care for Sienna effectively. It'll be nice when she's a little older and I can explain, "Mommy is low now, she needs just a minute." I tell her that now, but she just looks at me quizzically or cries hysterically (if she's hungry)!


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Published On: March 03, 2008