Blood Sugar Control: Keeping the cookies out of the house and the husband at bay

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    While pregnant it was quite easy to be disciplined. I had the best motivation to eat healthfully and maintain strict blood sugar control. Now that Sienna is here and I don't have to watch my blood glucose as closely, I'm finding it difficult to achieve the kind of control I'd like to have.


    I was so excited to see such a low number on the scale just two weeks after giving birth. Suddenly, all of the disciplined eating and diligent exercise I'd done for the previous nine months paid off! I figured this would be a great head start to finally achieve my "goal weight" that had remained elusive for at least a decade.

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    My plan was to continue eating the low carbohydrate diet I'd mastered while pregnant. However, I knew that I had to keep my calorie counts high in order to maintain my breast milk supply. It's probably just human nature to indulge a bit after so many months of deprivation, right?


    Six weeks after my joyous weigh-in, I stepped on the scale only to discover that I'd gained ten pounds back! Now obviously I'd worked out some and probably built up muscle in the interim, but still... quite frustrating.


    Not that I'm beating myself up over it, because I've enjoyed every minute of the last several weeks. Dennis and I have enjoyed pizza on a couple occasions, one of my big forbidden foods during pregnancy. I've snacked on cookies at bedtime instead of apples or yogurt. I probably put of two or three pounds on Superbowl Sunday alone, when I made food for a party of 20, although only my mom, brother, Dennis and I attended!


    Focusing on Sienna and not my meal plan at this point is completely appropriate and fun! But now the burning question is, how to I reign in my eating habits without the kind of attention and motivation I enjoyed while pregnant?


    I know the secret for me is eating less carbohydrate. I read an article at HealthCentral a few months ago about how people on low carb diets can actually eat more fat and not see an increase in their weight. I loved that and started giving myself permission to eat an extra handful of almonds or a couple more slices of cheese, just as a treat. This worked well until I loosened my carbohydrate restrictions after giving birth. Obviously, an increase in carbs and fats will definitely result in an increase in pounds!


    So, it's time to start cutting back on the carbs again. At a Mexican restaurant this week, I successfully avoided the chip basket entirely. Instead of a scone with my coffee last weekend, I brought along one of my delicious protein bars. Those are good first steps.


    It's also apparent that my eating habits improve when we just don't have treats in the house. However, my husband has an incredible metabolism and can pretty much eat whatever he'd like with little fear of gaining weight. He enjoys cookies sometimes as dessert after dinner. The thing is, baked good are my weakness. Even if I can avoid them normally, as soon as a low blood sugar hits I dig right into them! I could have a refrigerator full of juice and still reach for the cookies when I need some sugar. Agh!


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    I explained to Dennis that I needed to just not have certain items in the house. I figured a good compromise was to have other dessert items on hand that he enjoys and I can resist, such as fruit juice bars or Peach ice cream, two of his favorites. He replied that sometimes he really liked having a cookie. I explained that sacrifices had to be made since I had diabetes.


    "You do make sacrifices," he said encouragingly.


    "I know I do," I replied. "You need to sacrifice too... I'm your wife!"


    Okay, I may not be completely fair and logical, but nobody really needs cookies, right?!

Published On: March 19, 2008