The Results of Managing Type 1 Diabetes During Pregnancy

Kelsey Bonilla Health Guide
  • Pregnancy Tracker: 11 weeks

    Size of the Baby: 12 pounds

    Biggest Obstacle: Being sad about going back to work!


    Sienna will be 11 weeks old on Wednesday! Time is flying by and she is growing up so fast. People always say that babies and children change all the time, and it's so true! It's such a joy to watch Sienna do new things. The latest is giggling which is very, very fun!


    As a woman with type 1 diabetes, I am extremely grateful that diabetes care has advanced so much in the last 25 years or so. I look at my healthy baby daughter and cannot help but feel sympathy for the women with type 1 who were discouraged from having children because of inadequate healthcare. It's sad that even 20 or 30 years ago, women were told to avoid having babies because of their diabetes. But, today, women with diabetes can have healthy babies as long as they are determined to manage their blood sugars and put in the hard work required of a diabetic pregnancy.

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    It's amazing to now witness the results of my hard work during pregnancy. Sienna is a healthy, happy little baby. She recently had her two month doctor's appointment. They weighed and measured her and she's growing perfectly. She weighed just under 12 pounds and her length was 22 ¾ inches. Those numbers correlate to the 50th and 25th percentiles, respectively. We noticed that her head is on the petite side (unlike mine which was enormous as a baby!) and it turned out that her head circumference is in the 10th to 25th percentile. It seems that her maternal diabetes did not have any long term effect on her size!


    Sienna had her vaccinations at the two month visit. Obviously she cried during the injections, but she did not have any lingering effect from the shots. She was back to her cheerful self right away. Many people have concerns about the safety of inoculations, but I chose to trust my pediatrician's advice. Since modern medicine is responsible for my health and ultimately Sienna wouldn't be here without the benefit of medical advances, I believe in using all the available tools to keep her healthy.


    In other Sienna news, I am excited to report that she's sleeping through the night! For the past several weeks she's been sleeping at least 8 hours straight, often up to 10 hours a night. I thought this might be a bit excessive, but the pediatrician noted that as long as she was growing properly (since she's obviously sleeping through feedings), all of that sleep was fine. She also pronounced us "very lucky parents!" Because she's sleeping so well at night, Sienna is awake a lot during the day, which is fun. She's very engaging and curious about the world. We took her to the zoo and the aquarium while our 4 year old nephew visited and she was very well behaved.


    Now that my diabetes management has taken a less prominent position in my daily life, I have a new perspective on my diligence during pregnancy. In fact, I sort of miss the discipline of those months. But now, I look at Sienna and feel such joy and fulfillment at her health. I know that keeping my blood sugars in range helped her to grow strong and healthy in the womb; while also giving her the chance to thrive after birth.

Published On: April 14, 2008