Diabetes: Returning to Work after Pregnancy

Kelsey Bonilla Health Guide
  • I'm back to work today. Sigh.


    Sienna and I had such a great time together during my maternity leave. She is a delightful baby, so full of smiles, giggles and coos. I can spend hours just looking at her and watching the wide variety of her expressions!


    Since we live in beautiful San Diego, we were able to get outside nearly everyday, even though it was wintertime. We took walks most afternoons: exercise for me, a long nap for her. Some days we met Dennis in the park behind his office building for lunch. My mom met up with us several times to shop, eat, walk, and visit. Other times, we just sat around the house playing and watching morning television (Regis and Kelly are my favorite!) All in all, I had a great three months of bonding and relaxing with my daughter.

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    Now that I'm settling into a new routine that involves a full day of work and being a mom, I'm finding that there are some advantages to a more regimented schedule.


    For one thing, my beverage habits while on leave were not very healthy. I enjoyed my hot coffee in the morning and did not drink much water all day. My dehydration is evident in my skin. My face hasn't been so dry and full of blemishes in my life! While at work, I'm sitting at a desk and can keep a full water bottle handy at all times. I easily drink 64 ounces or more of water during a typical work day. This should help my skin hydration, not to mention increase my milk supply.


    Also, having a fully stocked kitchen just a few feet away can be detrimental to the diet plan. For the most part, I've been eating very well, lots of fruits and vegetables. I would even roast up some veggies for lunch, which is a luxury I won't have at the office.


    However, I also developed some eating habits that weren't so healthy. Well, one actually: peanut butter. I've always loved the stuff and it fits well into a diabetic diet because adding protein and fat to carbohydrates slows the rate of absorption. The thing is, the stuff is addicting. I was putting it on bananas each morning, which isn't a big deal. But then I'd find other ways to eat it, on crackers, brown rice cakes, apples, granola bars. You name it, I can top it with peanut butter. I was even eating it by the spoonful sometimes!


    In an effort to curb my addiction, I tossed a half full, large jar of Skippy the other day. Instead, I purchased a small jar of natural crunchy peanut butter. You know the kind where the only ingredients are roasted peanuts and salt. The peanut oil all rises to the top and you need to refrigerate the jar after opening. I can't imagine myself eating this stuff by the spoonful, but it'll still taste good on apples and bananas. Sometimes abstinence is the only way to cure my compulsions. I had to toss a nearly full jar of Nutella back when I first became pregnant. Eating that stuff in moderation is just impossible!


    So, while I'm missing my little girl like crazy, I think there will be some benefits to returning to work. Having a regimented schedule should keep me eating healthfully and not digging into jars of peanut butter with reckless abandon.


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    Also, the extra money won't hurt either!

Published On: April 23, 2008