Reflecting On Managing Diabetes During Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy

Kelsey Bonilla Health Guide
  • In the last week or so, Sienna has reached some baby milestones.  She's rolling over, sitting facing forward in her stroller, sitting in her high chair, and generally interacting with us in a more purposeful way.  In short, she's moving from the infant stage to the regular baby stage.   Dennis and I keep exclaiming to one another, "She's growing up too fast!"  But we're enjoying every second of it.



    Yesterday was Dennis's first Father's Day!  The three of us took a long walk through Balboa Park, grilled steaks for dinner, and just enjoyed relaxing as a family.  Sienna happily fell asleep before 8:00 p.m. and proceeded to sleep for over twelve hours.  We've been blessed with a great little sleeper! 

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    As Dennis and I enjoyed our quiet evening with a little bit of wine (for me) and beer (for him) we pulled out the pictures of Sienna's first few weeks of life.  We reflected on how small she was and how tired we looked!  We reminisced about those newborn days and all the things we had to learn.  Mostly, though, we talked about how much we adore our daughter.  We commented that before she was born, we had no idea just how intensely we'd love our child.   


    Inevitably, when we talk about Sienna's birth, we reflect back on the pregnancy and all the extra work required in managing a diabetic pregnancy.  Because of diabetes, I was fully conscious, at all times, of how my behavior and actions affected the health of our baby.  The "baby" dictated my thoughts and deeds for over nine months.  Now, that mysterious little person is here and still directing much of our activity.  Even though we didn't know whether the baby was a boy or a girl, now that Sienna is here, it feels like we've known her since the she was conceived.  She was the baby we pondered for all those months and eagerly anticipated meeting.


    In some ways, the story of Sienna's life is inextricably tied to diabetes.  As a mother with this disease, I am so grateful to live at a time when my pregnancy was even possible.  By managing diabetes well during the pregnancy, I can contently watch my daughter grow knowing that I did everything I could to ensure her health and well being.  So, while my disease will always be part of her story, it doesn't tarnish any of my thoughts or feelings about Sienna's pregnancy or birth.  I guess I would say that I view my diabetes differently after having a child.  Diabetes wasn't a hindrance.  I didn't have a healthy child despite having diabetes.  This condition required me to be vigilant about my self-care which directly lead to having a healthy baby.  We worked well together.


    So, Sienna's going to be 6 months old in a few weeks.  As in many things in life, the time seems like it has gone fast, yet I cannot remember life without her.  Dennis and I wake up each morning excited to see Sienna.  We make a point to go into her room together when she starts babbling or when we have to wake her.  Seeing her huge smile light up when she sees us is the best part of our day! 



Published On: July 03, 2008