My Worst String of Blood Sugars in Years!

Kelsey Bonilla Health Guide
  • Last week I got to stay home from work for three days and play with my sweet little daughter! It was a wonderful break from my busy workweek routine. However, one good thing about my regular routine is that I eat a regimented diet that keeps my blood sugars level. On the weekends I go with a plan of "management indulgence" where I eat more carbohydrates, but I'm prepared to cover it with extra insulin. For some reason, being home during the week threw my eating, and therefore my blood sugars, all out of whack!


    It started on Tuesday when Sienna and I visited my office. My coworkers wanted to see her and then we headed out shopping for new clothes for our growing girl! I needed a place to feed Sienna lunch and figured I get myself something to eat too. We stopped at a semi-fast food place that serves semi-healthy Asian food. I wisely skipped the white rice, however the chow mein that came with my chicken entrée was covered in a very syrupy sauce. Plus, the breaded and glaze on the chicken was extra sweet. For some reason these considerations didn't factor into my insulin bolus decision. My blood sugar hovered around 250 mg/dl for several hours after lunch, and only dropped back to a normal range when I took Sienna for a walk at 6:30 p.m.

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    The following day my blood sugars yo-yoed from low to high as I overbolused, ate a muffin, overcorrected, and then waited way too long to eat lunch. My day consisted of trying to do some work from home and get Sienna to take a decent nap. While I wasn't working and she wasn't sleeping, I fed her, changed her diapers, and kept her spirits up as she was obviously becoming overly tired. Taking time to eat something didn't work its way up the priority list until late in the afternoon.


    Thursday was the peak (literally) of my blood sugar battles. Sienna and I went to visit Dennis at work downtown. My girlfriend is an attorney at his office and she insisted we go to lunch. So, we went across the street for a quick bite where I ordered a Chinese Chicken salad. Looking at my plate of lettuce and chicken, I bolused conservatively. A couple hours later my blood sugar was nearly 350 mg/dl! It occurred to me that the dressing on the salad was awfully sweet. I gave myself several correction boluses and went for another walk. My blood sugar didn't drop below 150 mg/dl for several hours.

    I returned to work on Friday, sad to be apart from Sienna, but ready to have a more consistent eating plan. Sienna has recently started eating Cherrios, and I decided to have a small bowl for breakfast. I haven't eaten breakfast cereal in the morning for at least 18 months. It was a giant "no-no" during the pregnancy and I've felt so much better eating protein for breakfast, I've never gotten back into the habit.


    When I arrived at work and tested my blood, I was greeted with my third reading over 300 mg/dl in the past week! Darn processed cereal!


    Now, clearly I miscalculated several insulin boluses and ate abnormally last week. However, I'm sure that ketones were present during this bout of high readings (although I didn't think to test for them until the weekend) which will tend to increase blood sugar. I experienced diabetic ketoacidosis during the freshman year of college and it's a very scary condition. With ketones, you can reach a point where you cannot reverse the trend on your own, without medical assistance. My control has been so consistent for the past couple years, it's really been a long time since I've dealt with these thoughts about scary high blood sugars.


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    This week I'm resolving to eat fewer carbohydrates, drink a lot of water, and test my blood sugar even more often. Last weeks highs were enough to last me for a couple more years!

Published On: October 07, 2008