Managing Diabetes During Halloween

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  • Halloween is the most evil of holidays, is it not? I'm not even referring to the zombies, skeletons, bats, and monsters associated with Halloween. Nope, it's the barrage of candy that occurs each year, wrecking havoc on blood sugar control!

    It's not just the one day a year or only for trick-or-treaters that Halloween poses a problem. In my office, we've had dishes of Halloween candy on people's desks all month long. I actually just finished a mini-sized Kit Kat and Butterfinger as dessert after lunch. Would I have missed these items if they weren't so easily accessible, not at all. But, with that smiling pumpkin tin starting at me each time I pass it by, I feel entitled to a couple pieces of candy. It's festive after all.

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    On Friday my office is having a Halloween potluck. The sign-up sheet in the kitchen is largely filled with desserts, as these items are much easier to customize into Halloween themed treats than regular entrees and salads. I'm contributing to the sugar overload. My mom and I are making butter cookies with frosting in the shape of pumpkins. They are sinfully delicious. These are the same cookies I begged my mom not to make last year while I was pregnant, because they are so hard for me to resist! This year I'm indulging, but I figure if I bring most of them to the office to share with my coworkers, there will be that many less to tempt me at home.

    Since Sienna is only 10 months old, she won't be participating in the sugar binge this year. But, we still plan to take her trick-or-treating, sort of. The stores downtown hand out candy and provide a safe, well-lit place for us urban dwellers to collect candy and show off our kids' costumes. Sienna will be a flower! Her costume is adorable, as long as she lets me put the headpiece on her. It's got pink fleece petals all around it! Her candy will likely be consumed by her parents. Isn't it funny how we have such strict health rules for our daughter, but not the same kind of discretion for ourselves?

    Personally, I'm not a fan of lollipops, candy corn, or other sugary sweet Halloween candies. I much prefer chocolate and mini candy bars. One good thing about the Halloween size is that they're well portioned controlled, if you can only eat one or two pieces. One mini Crunch bar has 9 grams of carbohydrates. I love Snickers and Baby Ruth's which I justify by focusing on the peanuts, which provide protein, of course.

    Already this month, I've had a few instances of being just sick of candy. My tolerance for sugary treats must not be that high. Maybe that's one way to combat the indulgence of the holiday season, just overdo it until you can't stand the sight of another piece of candy!

    Well, Halloween will be over in a few days. But, all the collected candy will haunt us for several more weeks. Just in time for Thanksgiving... and then Christmas treats, which last the entire month of December. Then, by January we'll all be resolving to lose weight and eat healthier.

  • There really is a logical rhythm to life.

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Published On: October 30, 2008