My Daughter is One Year Old!

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  • Sienna celebrated her first birthday on January 2, 2009.  I've realized how neat it is to have her birthday right at the beginning of the year.  For Christmas I gave our family calendars with pictures of Sienna that correspond to each month in 2008.  They can watch her grow from a newborn to a toddler throughout 2009! 


    But, the novelty of that idea isn't the coolest part of having her birthday right after New Years.  The holidays are a time of reflection and looking toward the future with hope and excitement.  As I spent time with family and friends over the holidays, I was in a very reflective mood; thinking about my little family and what we want out of life together.  As the New Year approached, Dennis and I reminisced on where we were last year at that time.  Since we were to report to the hospital on January 1st, we didn't stay up until midnight to ring in the New Year.  Instead, we got a good night sleep and anxiously awoke to plan the arrival of our baby. Looking at Sienna, now nearly a year old, we felt so blessed to have such a healthy baby. 

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    Thinking about my pregnancy, her birth, and all of the other milestones over the past year brings me such joy and contentment.  Since diabetes is inseparable from this experience, the optimist in me can't help but feel that diabetes somehow added to the... for lack of a better word, pride I feel about Sienna's existence.  Having the awesome responsibility of keeping my blood sugars so tightly controlled and rising to the occasion has given me a sense of accomplishment unlike any other. 


    As 2009 began, I felt an intense desire to get healthy again.  My pregnancy routine worked so well for me, that I'm excited to give it another go.  It might sound funny, but eating egg salad for breakfast, going swimming, and watching my carbohydrate intake all remind me of pregnancy and therefore of Sienna.  It's like keeping healthy habits reminds me of what's important and makes me feel strong, happy, and peaceful. 


    Yesterday, as I swam laps at 6:00 a.m., being back in the water took me back to all of those laps I swam with Sienna along for the ride.  I would swim and pray that the baby was healthy.  Back then I prayed a lot that birth wouldn't be that bad!  But, I also dreamed of our baby and wondered what he or she would be like.  Now I can swim with the knowledge that Sienna is healthy, fun, and active baby... and the birth wasn't that bad!  Performing the same activity, swimming in this case, over a long period of time has an interesting way of putting things into perspective, making . 


    I don't think I've blogged much about this, but it's something I've shared with many people in my personal life: motherhood has been the most centering, peaceful, and joyful experience.  One great thing about becoming a parent is that it simplifies your priorities.  When different things compete for attention, what always wins out is whatever is best for Sienna.   


    Next week we have her one year check-up.  I'll report back with her stats and milestones!


Published On: January 08, 2009