Parent's of Diabetics Should Consider Diabetes Camps For Their Children

Lorne Abramson Health Guide
  • As a parent of a child with diabetes (my daughter was diagnosed at 6 years of age), I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Bruce Morton, who founded the diabetes camps in Nova Scotia. As a former camp director of non-specialized camps, I understood the "family nature" of summer camps. However the world of diabetes was new to me, and I really didn't know how it all fit together.


    After living with diabetes and attending camp for 22 years, I think that I now understand why diabetes camp is such an intensely wonderful experience.

    It boils down to a few key issues:


    1) safe haven

    2) a place for new challenges

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    3) a place for allowing youth to take charge

    4) a place for sharing

    5) a time for parents to recharge

    6) a time for children to take charge of their diabetes

    7) a place to feel normal

    8) a place to feel accepted

    9) a place to form a diabetes support network

    10) a place to learn how to live well with diabetes

    11) a place to be motivated and develop high self-esteem



    As the "Camp Guy," I would love to hear from you and your children on any issues involving diabetes camps. I would love to especially hear about your experiences involving how camp changed individuals and families. Please write to me and let me know how diabetes camp has changed your life!



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    Executive Director, Diabetes Education and Camping Association


Published On: July 26, 2007