Tips for Living Happy and Healthy Life with Diabetes

Amylia Grace Yeaman Health Guide
  • So much of successful diabetes management comes down to two things: commitment and mindset.   Yesterday I offered the first of my top three tips for cultivating a healthy mindset and life with diabetes. My point? That by shifting some of the tired old beliefs we've been lugging around with us all ...

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Published On: November 05, 2010
  • Rachel Joy
    Nov. 05, 2010

    Hello old friend.  Care to have coffee next week?  I miss you.  We should be each other's best support system when it comes to this disease.

    • Amylia Grace Yeaman
      Health Guide
      Nov. 06, 2010

      But of course, sis! You're right. Maybe I should change my Diabetes Daily Blog from "One Type One" to "Two Type Ones"--as identical twins it has a better ring to it, eh?