Dear Diabetes: Just for Today

Amylia Grace Yeaman Health Guide
  • Just For Today:

    • Let me remember how only the strong can be vulnerable.
    • Let me see how needing help from time to time is not a burden or a weakness, but a gift to others and a chance to become closer.
    • Let me thank the people diabetes has helped bring into my life, and be thankful for the ones it helped keep (or drive) away.
    • Let me remember the connection diabetes helps me feel to others---and to the swirling, whirling life and energy all around me.
    • Let me focus on the awareness that comes from having to pay attention to my body in ways others cannot/do not.
    • Let me find the opportunities diabetes affords me to be of help to myself and others.
    • Let me see some good in diabetes' constancy, like how it helps me to embrace my imperfections, and those of others.
    • Let me focus not just on how demanding diabetes is, but also how diabetes makes me take care of myself in ways I might not otherwise.
    • Let me thank my diabetes for helping me practice being gentle with myself, and teaching me how to rest.
    • Let me remember the role diabetes has played in my journey to learn real self-care.
    • Let me thank life with diabetes for teaching me how it's not just okay, but necessary to put myself first sometimes. No explanation needed.
    •  Let me be proud of the analytical and critical thinking skills diabetes brings out in me.
    • Let me thank you, diabetes, for showing me aspects of myself and others I may not have found without you.
    • Let me see how diabetes helps me pay attention to how I experience and show up in and for the world around me.
    • Let me see the patterns that can help me make better choices going forward. 
    • Let me let go. Let me feel okay about not having the option of being in control of everything I'd like. Let me relax into that.
    • Let me not worry or get up on some high horse; let it be.
    • Let me again to find my sense of humor about this messy, complicated stuff we call life (with diabetes).

    What are YOU trying to focus on or embrace, diabetes-wise, just for today?

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Published On: February 08, 2011