366 Million Reasons to Go Blue for Diabetes!

Amylia Grace Yeaman Health Guide
  • November marks Diabetes Awareness month. As of 2011, 366,000,000 people around the world have diabetes. Every country is affected, and in those places without proper resources, many die as a result of diabetes. Those who are poorest are hit hardest.


    World Diabetes Day is only ten days away! Though my annual WDD Fundraiser and par-tay is on hold in 2011, there are many ways you and I can participate. Though there is always something going on in the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), like the weekly Wednesday Twitter tradition begun by Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (DSMA, a.k.a. fellow Diabetes Daily blogger, Cherise Shockley), November brings even more chances to take part in initiatives and fun events to spread awareness about the diabetes epidemic in this world.

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    Each year I do the Big Blue Test. It's easy! It only takes about fifteen minutes and promotes the importance of exercise in diabetes management, as well as monitoring bloodsugars.


    Between now and November 14th, simply check your blood sugar, get active (for 14 minutes or more), check your bloodsugar again, and share the results online (anonymously is fine) online at bigbluetest.org. You'll find an amazingly creative and loving group of people rallied together around the common thread of diabetes.


    Look good in Blue? Then you're just in time! Cherise's Blue Fridays to support Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day (November 14) is a good place to begin. Simply wear blue each Friday in November, and help spread the word. Consider joining the Facebook group. Giveaways included! You don't have to dress like this to win.


    Just be yourself. It's enough. Let the world know what it's like for ordinary people like you and me to live with diabetes. Let them know that 366 Million people with diabetes cannot be silences. Let these voices inspire you.


    Though it may be only a drop in the great sea of possibilities, if each of us does something--anything--to help (re)educate people about diabetes, we're better off than we were before that drop. The drop becomes part of a rippling sea, and well, we can see the ripple effect taking place across the globe. It's powerful stuff.


    Please encourage your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors to do the same to help bring diabetes to the fore this November! Think BLUE. Wear BLUE. But don't be BLUE. We need you too much for that!


Published On: November 04, 2011