The Year in Review: Diabetes Version

Amylia Grace Yeaman Health Guide
  • At this most introspective time of year, it's not unusual to take stock of all that has changed and not changed over the last 365 days. The biggest diabetes-related change for me and my body was pregnancy. The experience changed me profoundly. I saw what my body was capable of and not yet capable of. I saw steady and not so steady bloodsugars that affected me differently. Sadly, like many women, I miscarried. But the experience taught me a lot, and I still hope to have a baby of my own someday.


    Borne out the subsequent desire to become healthier and better prepared physically, I recently began the paleo diet. I don't like the word diet, but living paleo even for the brief time I've done it has shown me a better way. 

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    I feel better. I eat better. I am healthier. If I keep on track and continue to live Paleo and continue my training (and my recent Nike FuelBand addiction), I know that at this time next year I will be even stronger, healthier, happier. 


    And what's better than that? 


    2013 will be a year of under 7.0 A1C's, a stronger, leaner, more muscular body, and a physically, emotionally, and professionally fulfilling year. I am challenging myself to be all I can be in 2013, no holds barred. More on this in my next post.


    What are your intentions for 2013? What's your Word for the Year? What can this wonderful community of supporters do to help you get there?



Published On: December 31, 2012