5 Easy-to-Implement Food “Tweaks” that Make a HUGE Difference in Bloodsugar & Energy Level!

Amylia Grace Yeaman Health Guide
  • I've been having a lot more fun in the kitchen these days. In my quest to slim down and maintain more optimal bloodsugar readings, I've focused more of my energy on healthy meals. I’m always on the look-out for easy "tweaks" to recipes and improvements to my meals that are delicious, super-healthy and easy-to-implement. The following five "tweaks" to my old ways of eating have been HUGELY helpful when it comes to avoiding big spikes in my bloodsugar and fostering a greater sense of energy and well-being:


    Like bread and bakery?


    1.) Substitute almond flour for regular flour in baking

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    If you’re looking for less expensive almond flour, try Bob’s Red Mill, for example.  Baked goods won’t taste exactly the same, but they will be good. This one tweak alone will do wonders for bloodsugar control.


    Craving carbs?


    2.) Pair all carbs with protein (almond-butter on an apple, for example).


    If you’re going to have toast in the morning, put some peanut-butter on it, or pair it with an egg. A combination of protein with complex carbohydrates helps keep bloodsugars stable and gives you more energy than consuming a carby snack on its own.


    Need nutrients?


    3.) Eat real fruits or veggies instead of juice


    I am also mindful of the spike in glucose I get when I eat a banana, for example. In fact, there are no nutrients that are exclusive to fruit. If you can get it in fruit, you can find it in vegetables. Nowadays I eat a lot less fruit and a lot MORE vegetables. The positive changes in bloodsugar and energy level have been worth the sacrifice. I also avoid starchy vegetables like corn, potatoes, and yams.


    Sensitive stomach?


    4.) Substitute coconut or almond milk for cow's milk


    Also consider switching to oils such as olive/coconut oil and giving up butter (if you love butter, try the grass-fed version over margarine or regular butter).


    Whether it's in a smoothie or on its own, unsweetened coconut or almond milk often has less carbs and my body handles it a lot better than dairy. If you have autoimmune issues, avoiding dairy can often help a lot (and this comes from a Wisconsin girl!). I still allow myself cheese from time to time, but cutting back on dairy has helped my digestion a lot. You might consider eliminating dairy for a month and see what changes you notice.


    Always Hungry?


    5.) Snack instead of scarf.


    I’ve changed from my 3-meal-a-day mentality to a 6-snack-a-day philosophy. Eating smaller meals that are well-balanced (carb with a protein, lots of veggies, a handful of nuts, etc.) not only stabilizes my bloodsugar and keeps me from feeling too hungry (and therefore more likely to overeat), it keeps me off the bloodsugar roller-coaster and helps prevent unnecessary highs/lows.


    These five “tweaks” have been transformational in my life.  I also am more mindful of my cooking and eating and cook meals in advance (a little preparation now saves a lot of time later), and use my slow-cooker a lot more these days—not only is it easy, the meat is often so tender and delicious. A few changes can go a long way in making you feel better, healthier, and more in balance.


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    I’d love to hear your experiences and suggestions—and any resources you have. Please comment below! 


Published On: January 14, 2013