Diabetes Day at Washington Nationals Ballpark on July 5th

Dr. Fran Cogen Health Pro
  • As a diabetologist at Children's National Medical Center, my job description goes beyond caring for patients, educating medical students/hospital residents, and participating in clinical research. Advocacy is also an essential component of my position. As I have emphasized in previous entries, the diabetes team helps to care and support our patients day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year with the eventual hope that a cure for diabetes will be realized. Until that day (and I hope that I will still be practicing), we must work to keep our children and teens in good glycemic control and avoid complications so that we will be ready when the cure is finally available.

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    If you have had the opportunity to read about me (see profile), you are aware that I am actively involved in fundraising for the future Washington Nationals Dream Foundation Diabetes Complex to be constructed on the campus of Children's National.


    My mission at Children's was to provide a space in the hospital that would encompass all the diabetes related teaching, clinical care, and psychosocial support in one physical area to enhance the process of education and medical care. At our institution, all newly diagnosed children and teens are required to attend survival skills and concepts classes in the hospital. We woefully lack the space (three small teaching rooms) to conduct appropriate education and psychosocial support. Enter the Washington Nationals baseball team. The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation was looking to find an appropriate health cause to support, and its leaders discovered that nearly everyone is touched by diabetes (both type 1 and type 2). So the foundation donated $2 million as a down payment to secure space at Children's for the eventual construction of the Diabetes Complex.  The total amount needed is $5 million. Since 2007, we have been actively fund-raising in support of our future complex.


    July 5th will be our second annual "Children's National Day at Nationals Ballpark" to help fight diabetes.  If you buy a discounted ticket at here, $8 from the sale will go directly to Children's National Medical Center to help create the new complex.


    But you don't have to buy a ticket to support this cause.  At any time, you can join the Washington Nationals in supporting children with diabetes. Text the word "NATS" to 90999. Your tax-deductible $5 donation will be added to your phone bill.  Fans in the stadium will be asked to "text to give," but anyone can do it, from wherever they are, at any time.


    Just like the JDRF walks, bike rides, and fundraising opportunities to help raise funds for the eventual cure, we are asking that you help support our dream to build a diabetes complex that will help to educate and provide both medical and psychosocial support to our families. Our new complex will have family, educational and clinical centers, along with a demonstration kitchen and exercise room to facilitate proper nutritional education and appropriate exercise regimes for patients. We would like our model to serve as an example of the commitment to support the care until the cure. 


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Published On: June 23, 2009