Pregnant and Diabetic: Dealing with anti-insulin hormones

Kerri Sparling Health Guide
  • At the end of last month, I did an update on my New Year's resolution, which was to maintain my A1C during pregnancy.  But for the month of January, it was a little harder.  As I mentioned, that insulin resistance was extreme and always on the climb, so I spent the better part of January and February chasing down highs and adjusting carb ratios and basal rates.

    Now, at the tail end of February, I'm finally seeing a little bit of stability.  Even though my A1C did a bit of a leap (from 6.0% to 6.6%, as of early February), I'm still within the range my endocrinologist and my OB/GYN felt was comfortable and safe for my pregnancy.  They wanted to see me hovering tightly around 6.5%, and that's where I'm at. 

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    But that's not without extreme efforts.  My pregnancy is progressing according to schedule (whatever that means - I guess I'm getting fatter at the right rate, and my baby is growing right on track), and my anti-insulin  hormones are creating the predicted amount of unpredictability that my doctor's warned me about.  But I did my blood sugar stalking, and I wasn't shy about increasing my basals.  It was strange, cranking up my basal rates and shifting my insulin-to-carb ratios after only a day or two or trending, because that's how quickly my body's needs were changing.  Throughout this entire month, I've been testing constantly and carefully tracking trends, and the payoff has been that I've FINALLY nailed down a basal rate.  (Sort of.  Okay, at least for this week.)

    I'm very hopeful that this basal rate might hang tight for the next eight weeks, because I'm not expecting to gain much more weight (maybe another 6 lbs or so) and my placenta is already functioning at full anti-insulin tilt.  If I can hold tight to these blood sugars numbers - maybe even bring them back under a bit more control, like I had earlier in my pregnancy - then my baby should finish up her gestation in an environment of good blood sugar control.

    So close now - and I'm not taking a moment of this for granted.  Every fasting blood sugar that is under 100 mg/dl is awesome.  Every blood sugar over 150 mg/dl is immediately beaten into submission.  Even though I'm working hard on building my consulting business, my real full-time job is managing diabetes until my baby is born. 

    Eight.  More.  Weeks.  We have a c-section scheduled for the very end of April, so there's a light at the end of this tunnel.  And once this baby is out, I'll start juggling the journey back to regular diabetes control, where hopefully my insulin needs will decrease. 

    But my resolution stays the same:  remain in control of my A1C.  Whether my daughter is growing inside of me or out, I want my diabetes to be as well-controlled as possible.  I want to be as healthy as I can be, so that my daughter and I will have as much time to play as we want.  :)

Published On: March 01, 2010